MSB audits are happening now. Fines are being imposed. Let MSBedge be your training partner to keep you informed and compliant.

Anti-money laundering, the Bank Secrecy Act, suspicious activity reporting, and currency transaction reporting are just a few of the critical training components required for compliant money services businesses.

MSBedge is proud to offer cost-effective, hassle-free compliance training specifically for Money Services Businesses. Our solutions fit small to large businesses as well as individuals. Protect yourself, your business and your employees. Courses include:

  • AML and BSA Awareness & Protection
  • Top Five Things to Know About Currency Transaction Reporting
  • Detect and Report: Complying with Suspicious Activity Reporting
  • A Simple Approach to Recordkeeping Requirements
  • The Critical Components of OFAC that MSBs Must Know
  • And More

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), the IRS, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) continue to increase oversight of the MSB industry. Be prepared with user-friendly, reportable and customizable online training.

To learn more about our business partner program including sophisticated tracking and reporting systems and our larger scale compliance catalog, please call us at 877-999-EDGE.